Our experienced team members are passing on their knowledge to the younger generation who are hopefully the future for the thatching industry.


Rod Miller

Rod established R V Miller Ltd in 1966 after completing his thatching apprenticeship during the 1960′s with a thatching contractor in Wiltshire.

Company Director, John

John Tozer

John is a Company Director of R V Miller Ltd. He completed his apprenticeship in 1994 and has experience of thatching in Germany, France and South Africa.

Rich 1

Richard Nicholson

Richard joined the firm as a thatching apprentice in 1977 and is our most experienced thatcher


Tom McConnell

Tom joined R V Miller Ltd in 2010 and is enrolled on the NSMT Apprenticeship scheme.

Rob 1rob

Robert Smiley

Robert started his thatching Apprenticeship with R V Miller Ltd in 2012

Tom N n

Tom Nicholson

Tom, our newest recruit, is following in his father’s footsteps and, (along with Robert), is one the youngest members of R V Miller Ltd

Young Team

Thatching Apprenticeships

We believe quality craftsmanship starts with good training.

Our apprentices all work under the National Society of Master Thatchers Apprenticeship Scheme.

On the NSMT Apprenticeship scheme another NSMT Thatcher periodically mentors and assesses the trainees’ progress each year.

A cup is awarded at the NSMT AGM and Conference to the most improved apprentice.

In 2015 this award went to our apprentice Ben King.